New works by KATI VILIM
October 21st to November 19th, 2011
RECEPTION: Friday, October 21st 7-10pm
ARTIST TALK: October 30, 4-6pm

Kati Vilim is a geometric abstract painter addressing the discipline of Constructivist tradition incorporated with mathematical concepts. The elements of structure, ratio, color and rhythm, with their varied qualities, are organized into new forms that seem to suggest musical or architectural harmonies.

” We cannot perceive the wholeness of the world, but if we identify its structures and patterns, we can decode its complexity. Abstraction makes possible the transition between the reality of the outside world and the inner entity.” Kati Vilim.

Born in Hungary, Kati Vilim undertook her formal training in Europe and the United States. She has had solo shows both overseas and in the US. 

“Kati Vilim appears to have inherited the Constructivist mantel work, which deals with the classic issues of form, color and movement. She says, “I am composing the elements of structure, ratio, rhythm and color… reminding us of musical or architectural concepts where these different qualities are organized in a new form. Her methodical approach is evidenced by the painstaking process of color mixing, which she undertakes `to create exactly the directed shade. This approach is also seen in her geometric forms, bypassing other contemporary technical tricks to paint hard-edged objects …

Before commencing a painting project she creates many experimental drawings as a way of comprehending the space and shapes she wishes to work with, prior to embarking on a painting. By limiting her language purely to planes and lines, and developing a unique and undiluted schematic approach, Vilim experiments with implied rotation and synthesized movement to create harmonious union.”

Anonda Bell, Kati Vilim in Neoconstructivism, Art, Architecture, and Activism

She will present her recent paintings, etchings and drawings. The artist’s reception is scheduled in conjunction with Newark’s annual Open Doors Studio Tour, Oct 20th to Oct 23rd.